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This weekend just past (3 - 4 Feb 2018) kicked off the St George Honda MCA Road Racing Championships. Just for a change, I had a great weekend of racing and I’ve come away with a smile on my face! So here is the race report: 

Qualifying Saturday:

Qualifying on the Saturday was a bit of a non-event, no practice just straight into it. Those who know me... well I'm a ‘warm up kinda gal.’ I really do need a session or two to find my markers, lines and loosen up a bit on the bike. So not an ideal format for me but everyone is in the same boat so no excuses. As it turned out, our qualifying was red flagged as we had some juniors out with us on proddys... There seemed to be some confusion as to who was meant to be on track. But the error was dealt with quick-smart, but I think we only got a few flying laps in. However, as I have not been racing in a while. I’m happy to just work my way up the grid.

Qualifying time was rather underwhelming, but you’ve got to start somewhere! P22

Race 1 Saturday:

Wow, I am timid at the start. This was something that took me quite a while to get happening previously. It seems that I need some serious work here. In short, I got dusted up on the first lap and spent the rest of the race, trying to get past people... by then the race is over. I can honestly say, that unless I get this sorted its over by turn 2.  It was wet then dry, then wet again. Nothing to write home about here. I’m not loving the wet at the moment with my confidence being shaky. I decided to go out, because its good practice and you have to be able to race in all conditions.

If you look on the results I’ve recorded a DNF. That’s what happens when you forget to move a transponder from one bike to the other. I think I would have moved right up the grid because a lot of people chose not to run. This would have placed me in a much better spot come race 3... I WILL NOT do it again that’s for sure. So, with a DNF.... I ended up where I started on the grid... arrrrggghhh!!!

Race 2 Saturday:

Dry track.... Yes!!!!! I was pretty happy to see this. Just to get a run in with some consistent conditions. Well on the out lap, I discovered that my quick shifter had gone kaput and I was having to use the clutch to shift in both directions!!! Oh, the horror... the old school riders will be telling me to ‘suck it up princess.’ I had that thought running through my head. It wasn’t a huge drama, but I can tell you that I was very, very busy on the bike! It just costs time everywhere I found. But I enjoyed the race and dropped 4 seconds off my qualifying time. So, it was all good. Had some fun little battles. I also have to work on my passing game.... timid.... that’s me.  

Race 3 Sunday:

Sunday morning the sun was shining... the birds were singing, and I was looking forward to getting back on track. I was determined to stop being a big girls blouse and get those starts happening again.

So again, I get dusted up at the start. You can have a little giggle; the video is up on my Facebook racing page. This should be your ‘go-to’ reference for ‘how not to do a race start.’

Race 4 Sunday:

Much better start and a little better in the race craft department. Dropped another second... so progress was good. Confidence better and had a few good giggles to myself as I got some great drive out of T12, unleashed all the ponies down the straight and blew the stickers off a few bikes as I went past them... Mwhahahahaha it is truly a great feeling. It never gets old.

It was about this time that I realised that turn one was playing with my head a little. Since the resurfacing, I’ve lost a few visual reference points. I feel a bit lost through that corner. I don’t think I got it right all weekend. I was definitely being a bit of a sook coming into that corner. Braking too early, tipping in too early.... Something else to ad to my ‘to work on’ list.

Race 5 Sunday:

Last race was uneventful but very enjoyable! I was just out there having a bit of fun and a few little battles. I second slower but that’s ok. Rider and bikes intact which is always a good end to the weekend in my book!

So the wash up is... we are back! There is loads to work on and I know what I need to work to pick up those few seconds I’m down on my former lap times. My plan is just chip away. I feel great on the bike and my eyes have finally come good. I just need to trust myself a little bit and get some seat time. It will all come back.

I also need to get rid of the timid Ash... those who know me will find this funny. Timid and Ash in the same sentence... well it’s just not right. It took me a little while to learn to get amongst it. I may need someone to fire me up in the pits before I go out there... you know like roughing up a dog hahahahaha only joking! It just comes to me with confidence. 

A few quick thank you to everyone who lent a hand over the weekend. You all know who you are.  Thanks to all the volunteers to make these days run, you don’t get enough praise. It was a great weekend. So, from me thank you! 

Thankyou also to Half Light Photographic and Redline Photography for the beautiful photos. Always great to see them after an event when we are all suffering from post-race depression! hahahaha

Thank you as always to my sponsors who help me get out there on the track! Until next time, keep it shiny side up folks 

Ash :) 

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Great article Ash! Thank you for sharing your amazing experiences with us!
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